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By midcentury, more than two billion additional people will join us on this planet. Much of that growth will occur in regions already suffering from poor or nonexistent infrastructure. Even in the developed world, aging infrastructure, urban migration, and climate change challenge us to build better and smarter than we do currently. A modern infrastructure, one built in step with a global digital economy and our changing energy and climate realities, is the foundation for economic growth and advancement all around the world. It is necessary for the delivery of the basic services that could lift millions out of poverty, and it is essential as we usher in the next great wave of innovation and value creation.

To prepare for the coming population boom, the Make pillar addresses the diverse yet related issues of basic infrastructure, economics and the future of work, and new foundations for innovation in the digital economy. We will, for example, need many more buildings and livable cities, constructed using practices that require less energy and do less harm to the environment. We will need modern communications infrastructure to enable all people to prosper in a digital economy and participate in public discourse. We will need new ways of making things to spark the next revolution in innovation and manufacturing. And fundamentally, we must identify new avenues for meaningful employment and business practices that enable workers to share in the value they create. We must better understand the social and economic factors that foster prosperity and well-being and explore ways to reconcile the economic goals of more jobs, more automation, and greater efficiency.

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Make paves a path to a new era of production and a resilient economy for all:

How do we create a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable economic future for all?

How do we create a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable economic future for all?

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With the world’s population poised to grow exponentially by midcentury, Solve’s Make pillar addresses issues relating to basic infrastructure, manufacturing, economic opportunity, and how best to accommodate growth. Join our community of technologists, philanthropists, business leaders, policymakers, and change agents to help create solutions to Make pillar challenges. Go here for more information:

Be at Solve@HUBweek on Tuesday, September 27, as Solve: Make finalists selected by a distinguished panel of judges present their proposed solutions to the Inclusive Innovation challenge, answering the question: How do we create a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable economic future for all?

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