Black & Brown Innovators in the US Program


Supporting Black & Brown Innovators in the US

Solve’s focus on the world’s most pressing challenges has always included those within the United States. Since 2018, we have built a specific set of work focused on equity for underserved and underestimated communities in the US. Based on a core belief that the best solutions are led by people from the communities that they serve, Solve will select 2-4 solutions led by Black or Brown Innovators in the US who are addressing our 2023 Global Challenges. As a part of this special program, these innovators will receive culturally responsive resources, support, and coaching on top of the year-long Solver support program.


Meet the Innovators

The 2022 class of Black and Brown innovators includes:

Get Involved

Solve is excited to make space to showcase and support these innovators from underserved and underestimated communities and welcomes additional Solve supporters and champions who want to fund prizes and partner with Black and Brown innovators across the US. Interested individuals or organizations can reach out with questions or ideas using the form below.

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