EB EB Eliza Bindi

Technology is evolving every day, innovation is popping up everywhere, like this site https://thegww.com/why-it-is-good-to-study-a-course-in-tech-today/ , you can always get new smartphones on the market from competing companies. Everyone wants to be on social media to chat with friends.

Victoria Costa

The fortitude of Bryan and his team is inspiring! Their progress is evident every single year, and the only thing holding them back from achieving even more -- bringing sustainable solutions to generational issues -- are resources and access. I do hope this program can contribute to their ever-engaged and vital work.

ET ET EJ Tivona

I keep trying to VOTE but I don't see the way to do this. So if anyone sees this -- I'm casting my vote for the INDIGENOUS WISDOM CENTER. Thanks for the help....

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