Health Security & Pandemics Challenge


M’Care Compass

AI-powered app that detects, diagnoses, treats, and limits the spread of diseases and outbreaks for low resource settings

Team Lead

Opeoluwa Ashimi

Mr. Peter Awongo

In response to Film your elevator pitch.

That is a great solution Ope! I knew you were compassionate. Your drive in service to humanity is unmeasurable. May God bless the works of your hands!

Ms. Opeoluwa Ashimi

Thank you so much Peter. Your support and encouragement means a lot. Hopefully, we can bring M’Care to South Sudan and Uganda soon.

DD DD Dollyfinext Dollyfinext


Ms. Opeoluwa Ashimi

Thanks Dolly

A User

Best of luck innovative solution

Ms. Opeoluwa Ashimi

Thank you so much.

A User

Keep the flag flying.....

Ms. Opeoluwa Ashimi

GREEN always. Thanks FAM.

AB AB Ayo Badejoko

Congratulations. Keep soaring.

Ms. Opeoluwa Ashimi

Thank you Ayo.

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