Health Security & Pandemics Challenge


SMILE - SMart last-mILE cooling system

User-centered last-mile carrier to minimize vaccine wastage

Team Lead

Kitty C. Liao

JD JD Jeremiah Dunlap

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SK SK Sophia Kung

In response to One-line solution summary:

Ideally, SMILE can solve the delivery cooling problem. It's great.

Jeffrey Jacobs

In response to What is your business model?

Without describing the cost and pricing structure, and comparing it with the competition, it is hard to understand the comparative economics of your solution.

Jeffrey Jacobs

In response to What organizations would you like to partner with, and how would you like to partner with them?

Have you considered seeking partnerships with pharma companies that manufacture vaccines and/or bio-tech companies that support the pharma industry (syringes, etc.)? In the past, and increasingly, they have an interest to ensure appropriate access.

GAVI, UNFPA, UNICEF should be key target partners -- gaining any one of their endorsements would have open doors to a myriad of potential partners, investors and purchasers.

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