2021 Indigenous Communities Fellowship


One Canoe Project - Navigating Changing Tides

Culturally rooted K-12 climate literacy curriculum based in Micronesia

Team Lead

Moñeka De Oro

AA AA Mr Akpobome Agadaigho

In response to Solution Name:

Great innovation, you can assist my initiative at https://m.facebook.com/Unity4goodliving-2-initiative-343065102438082/ with your programs, please read my initiative that is now a book posted on my page's wall.

NF NF Natalia Fareti

All the best - great project and people behind it! :)

TC TC Taelani Camacho

Hoping you get to see this through. Excited to see how culture and science (STEM) comes together! Best of luck!

VD VD Vera De Oro

Moñeka De Oro is a hardworking, passionate, and creative leader who deserves this award.

KR KR Kalani Reyes

I hope you get it! Biba!

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