Tom Vandenbosch

In response to Pitch your solution.

I can see how the Chalkboard Guides improve the structure of what is being taught in the classroom, but could you explain a bit more how the Chalkboard Guides would impact radio and basic phone instruction?

EO EO Ee-Reh Owo

Of course. The accompanying resources - worksheets, audio and video clips mirror the content on the model chalkboards and are available for when schools face disruption. We envisage the worked examples as the most powerful scaffold in remote learning. They will be included as a visual aid on the worksheets (just as they would be on the board in class) and the parallel audio clip will narrate it (just as they would hear from the teacher in class).

SMS or USSD would be used to communicate with parents, with USSD playing an integral role for regular remote assessments.

EO EO Ee-Reh Owo

Thanks so much for sharing your concern with us. We really believe that Direct Instruction is both highly effective and context-appropriate, making changes in teaching more adoptable.

Differentiation by activity and support are still possible within this.

Emiliana Vegas

In response to One-line solution summary:

I worry that this reinforces the lecture-style of teaching, that lacks differentiation among students.. very traditional pedagogy

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