Ms Pilar Quezzaire

How does the team intend to gather information on the community to make a chatbot with logic that mirrors the questioning process parents might have? The difference between a chatbot and a virtual library is that the chatbot is conversational versus searchable, but chatbots just fancify a search engine versus providing a real sense of engagement. I imagine your UX process needs to be very thorough to support the success of this initiative. Maybe you can explore designing for social innovation to develop this solution?


Hello, thanks for you comment. Our idea was to give to each community an initial content and help them to select and write the content they think would be suitable. So, every community would have the change to personalize their own chatbot. We really need a tool that is flexible enought to allow teachers to work on the needs of the families of his/her students. We need it to work offiline that is why a searchable tool would not work for most of the families with no internet connection. It can be "interactive" in the sense it would be a personalized content for each classrrom and would attend those families living far way from the schools (which is very common in the Amazon area, where kids go by boats to schools). We would use it as a bridge for initial contacts and initial bonding with those families who feel really apart from schools.

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