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2020 Digital Workforce Challenge

How can traditionally underserved populations have access to opportunity and fully participate in the technology-enabled and digitally literate workforces of the future?

Submissions are Closed


Faez Ahmed

Senior Director of Training & Certification, ServiceNow

United Kingdom

Kristine Dery

Research Scientist, MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

Ms. Nisreen Farhan

Chief of Public Affairs, IMF

United States

Brad Gebert

Managing Director, ParagonLabs, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

United States

Amy Lokey

VP, Global Head of Design, ServiceNow

Roya Mahboob

CEO, Digital Citizen Fund

Alan Marks

Chief Marketing Communications Officer, ServiceNow

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke

Founder & Managing Director, Women’s WorldWide Web (W4)

Alok Paranjpye

Corporate Strategy Director, ServiceNow

Philip Reuchlin

Director of Programs & Strategy, Andan Foundation || Judge for The Andan Prize for Innovation in Refugee Inclusion

David Soo

Chief of Staff, Jobs for the Future (JFF)

Mike Walsh

CEO, Tomorrow

United Kingdom

Dave Wright

Chief Innovation Officer, ServiceNow

Judging Criteria

Solutions from applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria. All criteria will be given equal weight:

  • Alignment: The solution addresses the challenge that has been set forth.
  • Potential for Impact: The planned solution implementation has the potential to impact lives.
  • Scalability:  The solution can be scaled to affect the lives of more people.
  • Feasibility: Solution implementation is feasible, and the team has a plan for financial sustainability.
  • Innovative Approach: This is a new solution, a new application of a solution, a new business model, or a new process for solving the challenge.

*Government agencies and any employee, officer, director, or representative of a federal, state, local, or foreign Government, or any immediate family member of any employee, officer, director, or representative of a federal, state, local, or foreign Government are not eligible to participate as judges for the Digital Workforce Challenge. 

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