Ms. Nisreen Farhan

In response to Who are you serving?

Is there a preference to individuals without the ability to attend expensive universities? is it free of charge to all or depending on income level?
The demographics of your applicants seem to indicate so.

Kevin Kickham

Thanks for your question, Nisreen! When enrolling applicants into our classes, we first filter out candidates by their score on a basic logic / problem solving assessment through HackerRank.

Once we have filtered the group, we then base acceptance on answers to short answer questions, with preference given to applicants who come from populations traditionally underrepresented in the tech workforce (women, people of color, people without degrees, and folks from low-income households). By giving preference to this group, we typically have a majority of the class who would be unable to attend expensive university programs.

Our classes (and apprenticeship program) are free of charge to all participants - regardless of income level.

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