JC JC Jaimy Criswell

In response to One-line solution summary:

This will positively impact communities and lives in all arenas.

JC JC Jaimy Criswell

In response to Film your elevator pitch.

Very informative, relevant and appears that it will positively impact many lives. This solution takes into account the need for providing work skills, ever changing technology arena, the environment and more, which is important because all of these arenas are in need of support, especially at this time.

Michael Russell

In response to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What is your approach to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization?

As I mentioned before, if the company offering this solution can get BIPOC free training, either directly or indirectly, this solution will be of great help to those communities socioeconomic future.

Michael Russell

In response to Explain how the problem, your solution, and your solution’s target population relate to the Reimagining Pathways to Employment in the US Challenge and your selected dimension.

I am confident that at scale, this solution will help BIPOC in the early, mid, and long term, especially as long as the BIPOC are able to obtain free training or free training resources from the program offering the solution

Michael Russell

In response to What is your solution?

A great solution to the challenge of STEM employment for BIPOC. I would like to know if the program that is offering the solution offers people the ability to be trained up in the field.

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