KK KK Ken Kaplan

In response to How long it will take to develop a pilot:

I believe not realistic time

Bea Arthur

In response to How we will measure our progress:

Hi Eddie, thanks for the feedback!

As far as more specific goals, the first two outcomes are connected so we'll be able to measure availability, awareness, and engagement of the product with analytics tools like Sprout Social.

We're pre-launch though and will learn more from our beta in September to really nail down unit economics and outcomes.

Dr. Kalyanaram Gurumurthy

Communication/conversation -- evidence has shown -- is therapeutic and healthful. Will computer-based AI conversation provide that manner of authentic therapeutic value? OR Is AI more useful for task-oriented algorithm?

Bea Arthur

Hi Dr. Gurmurthy! We absolutely agree that the conversational element of in-person therapy provides immediate comfort, but we've deconstructed the process so that it goes beyond just talking and shifts the focus to learning, which is the true value of treatment. The evolution of psychotherapy will eventually be individualized so that it's based on mood, topic, and level of readiness. At the moment, the AI is most useful detecting these three elements, but the responses our clients receive are completely written by humans.

Eddie Martucci

In response to How long it will take to scale beyond our pilot:

I love the ambition. Emotion detection and machine-learning is hard and will take more than hundreds of users to get right (and its a fragile population, so you want to get it right). This time frame seems way too short.

Bea Arthur

In regards to the time frame, this is a fair concern. While our end goal is producing end-to-end emotional intelligence, expanding beyond our pilot to us means scaling a system that can bring our insight to people across the country using a combination of AI and human intelligence as we collect more data and learn. We have been implementing AI since day one (e.g. emotional detection and topic modeling), and will implement more as we go, with our priority being providing behavioral skills training from day one.

Eddie Martucci

In response to Our website

oh no, website not working!

Bea Arthur

Eek! Thanks for pointing this out - we had some hosting issues but we've fixed it!

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