Gail Hitson

In response to How people will access our solution:

Is the app targeted for Alzheimer patients only or other forms of dementia as well? Why an app for iPhone users only? The middle to lower income individuals who could benefit the most probably can't afford the iPhone. Just a thought, but a great idea as long as the app guides the user with algorithms designed for individuals with deteriorating abilities. Best wishes!

Emma Yang

Hi Ms. Hitson,
Thank you very much for your questions. The app targets all forms of dementia and other illnesses that cause difficulty with memory and with recognizing people. One example is face blindness (prosopagnosia). The reason I developed for the iPhone first is because the Android platform requires the app works on many different types of smartphones and Android versions. Developing on iOS first allows me to ensure that the app works nicely on a small range of devices -- iPhones and iPads -- before I scale it to other types of smartphones and platforms. But this is definitely the next areas of focus to make sure the app is accessible to as many users as possible.

As part of the roadmap, the app will include gamification with trivia to help the patients sustain their memories, and potentially using AR and VR to guide the patients to their needs, i.e. if the patient forgets his/her key, can the app direct the patient to where the key is.

We are very excited about the prospect of the app and hopefully it can really make a difference to all dementia patients' life.

Thank you and please vote for Timeless!


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