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Accelerating neurological recovery from stroke with augmented reality

Team Lead

Albert Kwon


Many years ago when my mom had a stroke, I was searching for ways to augment the therapy that she got in a rehab center and encountered expensive, inaccessible tools. I believe this concept is one of the most practical solutions proposed under this category. It has a very targeted population, is an intervention at a time when most patients and family members are engaged, and there can be clearcut methods to measure the progress to determine if it is suceeding.

Dr. Albert Kwon M.D.

Dear D Si,

Thank you for sharing your perspectives and story about your mother's stroke recovery. You are totally right about the limitations of many rehabilitation therapy technology being bulky and inaccessible at patients' home. Also, you are correct that the acute and subacute phases of stroke recovery are the critical time window to intervene to maximize patients' recovery potential.

Our system can deliver standardized therapeutic exercises (as you may know, rehabilitation therapists use variable protocols) and we plan to objectively measure the patient's hand motions using the hand tracking technology to quantify recovery progress.

I'd love to hear more about your experience so that AUGMENTx can really build a therapy that is truly useful for stroke patients and their family members.


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