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Innovating mental health therapy though virtual reality

Team Lead

William Hamilton

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Gail Hitson

In response to Our solution's stage of development:

Hi! Is your therapy specific for phobias and anxiety disorders? Will you be data mining for information regarding these many disorders for scientific use? Why VR and not a simple app? Not everyone will be able to access VR, as not everyone has internet access yet either. Will the VR app be open for use with all phones or just iPhones and Androids? This sort of program would be very useful in the field of anxiety disorders. Individuals could benefit greatly with regular apps or VR. But you idea could be employed in those areas of Psychology and Psychiatry for those illnesses more elusive, such as pedophiles and those who have experienced attacks from such individuals. This is an area that is still in the shadows, so much so that data gathering through such apps could be useful, along with immediate support therapy for abusers. Just curious if you had considered more applications in the future for dealing with other serious societal mental health issues. Thanks for your work! My best wishes!

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