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Can you explain a bit more how your solution will help people create and consume goods that are renewable, repairable, reusable, and recyclable? Make sure your application aligns with the specific focus and dimensions of the Circular Economy Challenge.


Yes, the main problem to be solved is inherent to the first time a user connects to a website, because for the subsequent times the already existing browser cache intervenes. It is precisely to solve the problem of the first new connection to the website by the user that this new Interoperable Cache Browser intervenes.
This solution could lead to favoring PWAs (progressive web apps) to replace native apps since the opening speed differences will be more or less identical. All for the benefit of low cost devices as it would lengthen their life cycle. This will lead to less smartphone device replacement.

This solution allows to download less data from a website.
Furthermore, as described, the less data we download, the less data centers consume energy and the less we produce CO2.

From the point of view of smartphone devices and tablet devices, the less data we download the less the devices use cpu, ram and battery, so even less energy consumed to recharge the devices battery.

Thanks for the question, I update this in-depth analysis, in the description of the solution

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