Sharon Bort

In response to Why we are applying to Solve:

Try to provide more details regarding how Solve can advance your project and help you overcome key barriers, if your team is chosen. Please also explain what your key barriers are.

Sharon Bort

In response to How many people we will be serving with our solution in the 12 months and the next 3 years:

Consider providing more details on how you arrived at this number.

Sharon Bort

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CG CG Clifford Goudey

Right now all seaweed farming in the US is artisanal with little chance of reaching the scale needed to become a significant producer of food, chemicals, or energy. As far as we know, ours is the only engineered system that is available.

Our systems represent a leap forward in terms of technology for the cultivation of seaweed at scale. Similar to going from hand tools to combine harvesters on land, our technology increases the density and modularity of a farm and introduces labor-saving mechanization.

Sharon Bort

Hi Clifford, Thanks for these details! Make sure you add them to the application and not just in the comments.

Michael Lenihan

In response to Our pitch:

Sounds like a promising solution for a serious challenge, Clifford. Would be interesting to learn more about the technical aspects of the cultivation tool - how you will increase density and modularity, and anticipate some of the big challenges transplantation might encounter. Good luck with this!

CG CG Clifford Goudey

Michael, we increase density by achieving closer line spacing. We can do that through careful control of the system geometry and precise component lengths, providing uniform tension among the neighboring lines. Present practice requires great distance between the lines to prevent tangling and abrasion. We provide at least a 10x increase in culture density and opportunities for bulk harvest.

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