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Mobilizing communities to share microdata about climate impacts to better inform adaptation and infrastructure design

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Julia Kumari Drapkin

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Julia Kumari Drapkin

In response to The countries where we currently operate:

The ISeeChange platform and apps are global and we host sightings from anywhere in the world. Our pilots on urban flooding and heat are based in the US.

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to Our pitch:

Consider defining the term “groundtruth” for those that may be less familiar with it. You might also consider adding more visibility or details for non-experts on the specific activities that you engage in or enable.

Julia Kumari Drapkin

Thank you, Alexander. Groundtruthing can be more broadly defined as verifying and adding details with direct observations. Our methods have so much to offer with respect to calibrating both remote sensing data and AI. A lot of the specifics on how we've done this for both urban heat (sensors +stories) and urban flooding (rain gauges+photos+stories) are in the links we included as well as the video we are uploading shortly. In 2017, our community of observers proved more accurate than radar estimates of rain rates and they were able to provide more detail about flooding and drainage at scale during the rainiest summer on record in New Orleans.

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How to apply to a challange? And in which country we are currently operating https://www.mybpcreditcard.rev iew/

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