CW CW Caroline Webb

Found interesting website which provide incredible solutions to the teachers, coastal communities, educators, frontlines of health, and Work of the Future Challenges.

Economics personal statement writer,

CD CD Cynthia Duggan Evans

Go, EarthSpark!

Stephen Bittel

Would like a better explanation of each different division of the solution, spark meter and participant power.

Dara Akala

In response to What makes our solution innovative:

How affordable is the power provided by EarthSpark Participant Power? Is there any data on cost and returns from the existing microgrid to support this? Including the numbers will help demonstrate that this is a sustainable and inclusive solution.

Dara Akala

In response to Our revenue model:

It would be good to describe how the proposed SPV will approach raising project finance. Also, outlining the structure of the PPP and roles and responsibilities of the partners is important.

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