Amir Banifatemi

In response to The key barriers for our solution:

Aren't there open source and freely available Bayesian engines?

Dr. Theodore Wong

Thanks for commenting! Yes, we've been looking at some open-source packages along with the commercial ones. We think (but aren't sure) that the support that comes with the commercial engines is worth the cost--at least for the early iterations of the tool. The plan would be to migrate to a free Bayesian engine after the implementation kinks have been worked out and the business model has been solidified.

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to What makes our solution innovative:

Can you talk a little about what stakeholders you've talked to that have shown demand for this type of model or approach, particularly with an eye towards being initial customers?

Joyce E. Coffee, LEED AP

Thanks for your great question. Here are three examples of potential customers:
1. A global philanthropy that works with cities to further resilience. Their city stakeholders want better ways to prioritize and then internally and externally socialize their resilience projects. On the other hand, the investors the philanthropy is trying to woo to their project want to understand what makes these resilience projects a priority.
2. A social impact investor based on Wall Street that tends to fund design and pre-infrastructure development work. They want to prioritize investments that make a return but also have the most resilience benefit.
3. A risk analytics firm. They offer "black box" analysis to the market that helps to define risk and opportunity for particular geographies, project types, hazards, etc. based on variables their clients define.

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to Our pitch:

Can you reframe this to have less jargon that may be inaccessible to judges, and discuss more of how you plan to handle highly subjective quantitative values?

Dr. Theodore Wong

Thanks very much for these! We'll work on elaborating on the points you refer to. (Giving complete responses within the word-count limits is always such a challenge, but we do appreciate the need for concision.)

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