Coastal Communities


Adapting agriculture to solve climate change in coastal zone

Team Leader

Miss Thérèse Pascale Danoss BWANGA DEUTCHA

WG WG Winston Grace

In response to What makes our solution innovative:

Have you considered Smart Contracts (an aspect of Ethereum Blockchains)? There is the following sub-competition for such applications in this Solve competition:

Blockchain for Social Impact Prize:

Solutions that make use of the Ethereum blockchain are eligible to be selected as one of four ConsenSys Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) Fellows

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to How many people we are currently serving with our solution:

Can you provide more information on the type and size of investments that you aim to catalyze on your platform?

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to Our pitch:

Can you add more details on how many individuals are looking for agricultural investment and what specific barriers you will help investors overcome?
In addition, can you explain more about how you will help specificaly advance climate-adapted agriculture in coastal zones?

Fidan Karimova

This is an interesting solution - would you be able to share the link to the solution website?

Ms Joyce Engoke Mangale

Ms. Theresse, I am interested in knowing more about this. However, I think one of the challenge the solution may face is the reaching the customers or beneficiaries fast enough. The "Old age"group as enlisted in your solution bracket may require training, sensitisation& accept into the use of this "modern"tech. Consider this. In Africa such technology is now with the young who use it mainly for social media. Get a way of linking the TWO(Old and youth) groups to circumvent the challenge

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