Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to Our revenue model:

Can you explain more about how development of the FishcoinOA network will be funded, or will benefit from creating new revenue streams?

Dr. Alexander Dale

In response to Our pitch:

Can you add more details on your current activities and how the tokens work, particularly with language for judges who may not be blockchain experts?

Katharine Leigh

Hi Michael, that action network is a GREAT idea! It makes me think of all sorts of potential partnerships with the various coastal resilience organizations out there. I've heard of a whole bunch of programs working on creating and distributing best-practices and peer-to-peer communications that can help coastal communities address OA. Do you happen to have any groups or resources in mind? I'd love to reach out to them!

Michael Lenihan

In response to Our pitch:

Very cool concept!

One idea - re: "OA data would help researchers identify localized pockets of acidity..." it might be worthwhile to develop an action network of companies or organizations that local communities can refer to for assistance in addressing the OA in their areas.

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