LK LK Luis Koval

Thank you so much for the solution, You are doing good job https://www.targetehr.us/

A User

A sustainable business model supporting a social mission (2 Sdgs). Very impressive. Look forward to seeing where this is going.

Mr Sriram Bharatam

Wonderful solution. Last mile agent based model is the way to go. In case you are interested in expanding to Eastern and Western Africa, please let us know. The need for your solution is there everywhere.

A User

Thanks Mr Bharatam. Definitely would love to connect and explore. I am at madhura.karnik@haqdarshak.com

CS CS Connor Sattely

Amazing solution. The entire team at the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law feels Haqdarshak could be a gamechanging solution for justice. Their community-driven model is yes, innovative, but most importantly it just WORKS. Good luck Haqdarshak.

AD AD Aniket Doegar

Thanks Connor :)

Solve Team

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