Roussoudane Djakeli

In response to Describe the core technology that your solution utilizes.

I would love to hear more about your digital literacy training. We at www.giveinternet.org also try to provide training sessions in that area.

Meera Shenoy

Thanks for your interest!

Digital literacy is introduced by us in the following ways

1. In our residential job linked skilling centres for youth with disabilities who come from villages. Here, in 2 months, the focus is on getting them to be familiar with computers i.e. attain a good typing speed, orient them to MS Office and familiarize them with simple technologies like Email.

2. In work with Visually Impaired; In our school for visually impaired girls as well as our skilling centre for visually impaired youth, we teach them the talking software, JAWS and the open source NVDA. We are hoping to introduce Coding this year.

3. In our work in the school for the Hearing Impaired, we introduce computers from grade 6 and take them through a structured curriculum of digital literacy

Hope this helps!

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