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Well done

Julien Cornebise

Thank you!

MowLid Khadar

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This is the simplest way for beneficiaries to give a direct feedback to aid agencies about their programmes.
This system will increase the humanterian program accountibility and transparenty as the senior aid workers can communicate benificiaries through this system directly

Julien Cornebise

Thank you Mowlid! Yes, Shaqodoon do a fantastic work on feedback, and we hope to scale this up way beyond what they can do alone :) It is ample time for initiatives that are driven by feedback from the community! The desire is here, the vehicles are missing -- something Shaqodoon is trying to fix :)

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AA AA Ahmet Abdi Kaahin

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Shaqodoon is best organization in somalia i hope our brothers well done

AA AA Ahmet Abdi Kaahin

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