MH MH Md Zahed Hossain

Best of luck James and Team! Great idea and initiative.

C.D. Glin

In response to What are the barriers that currently exist for you to accomplish your goals for the next year and for the next five years?

Interested in learning what the survey of micro merchants indicates in terms of support for being mapped and understanding of its benefits.

Kamil Shafiq

Hi C.D. Glin, thanks for this question. During the fieldwork we did in Lagos, we found that there was a strong optimism around the idea of being mapped and discoverable. Many merchants were familiar with Google Maps and understood that it helps retailers gain visibility, increase foot traffic and get calls from potential customers. They also understood that this would act as a "proof of existence", finally giving them some sort digital presence that may later help qualify them for additional opportunities, like micro-financing.

C.D. Glin

In response to Film your elevator pitch

The video is helpful but could benefit from slower pace so that words can be clearer giving better sense of project.

Kamil Shafiq

Hi C.D. Glin, thanks so much for your feedback. We'll definitely keep this in mind for future entries. If you would like, we'd be happy to redo it and shed light on any area that you believe was not covered adequately.

Sarah E. Williams

In response to What is your business model?

What is the small bounty? Are they getting paid their fare share or are people taking advantage of them.

Kamil Shafiq

Hi Sarah, thanks for your question. The bounty is based on what the enterprise sets. For example, if they require an insight very urgently, they may choose to set a very high bounty so people are highly incentivized to complete it ASAP. Alternatively, if it is not urgent or very broad, they may set it lower. In our most recent engagement with a medical supplies brand, the users who participated earned 5000-6000 naira daily. This is more than double the average living wage in Nigeria.

Source: https://tradingeconomics.com/nigeria/living-wage-individual

Solve Team

In response to If you have additional video, provide a YouTube or Vimeo link to your video here:

It looks like the video you posted isn’t working. If you are unable to fix this problem on your own, feel free to contact our helpdesk at help@solve.mit.edu.

Kamil Shafiq

Thanks so much for catching this one Solve Team! We've just fixed the link and it looks like the video should be working correctly now - please give us a shout back if this isn't the case. Looking forward to hearing from the SOLVE team soon and thanks for taking the time to review our application!

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