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Digital Inclusion

How can everyone have access to the digital economy?

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Submitted Solutions

Douar Tech

Raising the resiliency of vulnerable youth through innovative technology training and job market integration

By Fay Cowper

Yuva AI

Democratising access to data to enable development of unbiased computer vision artificial intelligence algorithms.

By Yash Dutt

Afluence VoicePilot

Platform to enable automated voice communication on mobile devices in any language, beginning with languages spoken in African communities

By Tunde Oladimeji


A Community Weather Balloon IoT Network

We have invented a weather monitoring solution that observes the upper atmosphere and sends digital currency to the launcher of the balloon.

By Nicolas Lopez


Nest Makers United

Nest empowers US-based makers with access to more vibrant and digitally inclusive resources that create sustainable livelihoods.

By Rebecca van Bergen


SolarFi Telehealth Mobile Clinics

SolarFi Cares Mobile Clinics are solar-powered pods featuring a telehealth strategy to provide assistance from doctors that may be far away.

By Antonio Dixon

Rural App Builders

Localizing Thunkable (no-code app building tool) and training youth in remote rural Indian villages to build mobile apps using Thunkable.

By Ranjani Saigal

Promotor of digital inclusion

A virtual assistant designed specifically for the elderly, allowing them to take full part in the digital world

By Javiera Asecio


Climate Protection by Sprout

Protecting farmers against climate change by providing weather index crop insurance alongside real-time mobile climate-smart agri alerts

By Constance Fromont

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