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MobilizingMyanmar.org working with Department of Social Welfare to digitize MCCT payments in pilot region. We are amidst of the MCCT digitization pilot.

Sweta Shah

Thank you for your presentation to the judges today. We enjoyed hearing about your solution. On behalf of the judges we encourage you to explain more clearly the conditional cash transfer aspect of your model. We also suggest you explain further how you can make profit from this as you mention you are for-profit. We also encourage you to think about how in the future you could look beyond generic tips to have something more customizable. We also encourage you to think about how in the future you could include more than just nutrition messages. If you have the attention of a parent, it would be good to help them support their children more holistically - so consideration of child development milestones, games/activities to do at home that promote cognitive development. Good Luck tomorrow!

ML ML Michael Lwin

Hi Sweta! Sure. Part 1 of our response to your questions:

*The conditional cash transfer aspect of our model*
We will experiment in partnership with academic development economists from the University of Michigan (Elisa Maffoli) and the University of Sydney (Russell Toth) on the best intervention design for the condition, but the going hypothesis now is that women will receive the monthly payment if they take at least 1 quiz per week for a month, for a total of 4 quizzes in one month. Said another way, if a woman takes 4 maymay quizzes in one month, she will receive a ~10 USD maternal cash transfer for that month.

*How we can make profit from this as we are for-profit*
We will charge a transaction fee of at least 0.10 USD per cash transfer to the government. Annually, there are 1 million new babies born in Myanmar. Women will receive cash transfers for 30 months (2.5 years), so there's the potential for the benefit to reach up to 2.5 million mothers every year -- transaction fees can be up to USD 250,000 per month, or 3 million USD per year. maymay costs roughly USD 25,000 per month to run at present -- we expect monthly costs to increase when processing millions of cash transfers every month (largely in variable pricing for transaction processing using Microsoft Azure services), but since projected revenues have a 10x multiple over current costs, there are ample rooms for robust profit margins.

*More than just generic tips*
The current version of maymay (www.koekoetech.com/maymay) already includes more than generic tips. The app receives 10,000 Facebook Messenger conversations every month from women who have maternal and child health questions; these questions are answered by Population Services International (PSI) doctors.

ML ML Michael Lwin

(continuing on *more than just generic tips). We are developing a maymay Messenger chatbot that we will use the human responses (properly redacted for privacy) as a training data set to develop natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automate responses that are particularized to mothers' inquiries. maymay also already features an anonymous gender-based violence (GBV) hotline that receives about 200 calls every month. Further, we intend to work with Myanmar midwives, community health workers, and village trust administrators to develop feedback loops between these workers and maymay app users; the maymay app is not a substitute for human-side SBCC but rather a complement, and we believe blended machine-and-human SBCC + cash transfers will yield a significant impact.

*More than just nutrition messages*
We agree. maymay already features GBV content, financial literacy content, and there are e-learning lessons for children, but there are some concerns about information overload with too much heterogeneous content for users and so we intend to monitor having too much content closely over time. That being said, we are entering into a partnership with Coursera to further develop an e-learning platform for users and we will definitely try to incorporate your suggestions on child development milestones, games/activities to do at home that promote cognitive development. Thanks very much!

If you have any more comments or questions, please do let us know and we will promptly respond!

GN GN George Nyunt

It's a winning and great IDEA.

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Good Job

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