Njideka Harry

In response to If you have raised funds for your project or are generating revenue, please provide details.

All funds raised to date have been in 2020? ?

Dr Dixon Chibanda

Dear Njideka Harry,
Thank you for this question. I can send a detailed breakdown through our finance director but in brief: 1)We have a 3 year funding from DRK where we will be getting $100,000 each year until end of 2022; 2) We have a grant from Bohringer Ingelham for $652,000 from 2020-2024 with $134,000 seeing released each year; 3) We have a grant of $75,000 from CRI for the 2020-2021 period with $25,000 having been released;4) We have a grant of $50,000 from an anonymous donor from the USA for the year 2020, these funds come in through Goldman Sachs and we have received the full amount.;5) We have a $250,000 grant from Grand Challenges Africa (GCA) over 3 years with the first release due September for $92,000.
previous funders have been Mulago foundation $100,000; David Weekly $30,000; and research organisations MRC-UK; Wellcome Trust; Comic Relief total amount around $600,000.
Our Franchise model has only just started running formally this year. Our previous earning from the franchise model was with a Kenyan Tea plantation where we introduced Friendship Bench at a cost of $26,000.
Happy to provide more detailed information through my finance director if your need.

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