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Zafer Elcik

DL DL Dedeaux Larry

Thank you for sharing your valuable solution, it's work properly.


Sercan Değirmenci

In response to What are your impact goals for the next year and the next five years, and -- importantly -- how will you achieve them?

Hi Philippe, thank you for your questions. Here's a rundown: Our impact goals include the number of children we reach, the duration of sessions spent with the educational materials, the number of partnerships we make like the special needs classrooms opened in schools, the number of content we develop and publish. We measure against these metrics through our own database and get help from 3rd party measuring institutions and experts. We also measure one on one with the parents and caregivers as well as the children's progress. Of course, measuring the outcome is difficult like with every social enterprise, but we have an ongoing process and work on this now and are planning on measuring the outcome through our project with the Ministry of National Education in Turkey. In addition to that, we get feedback from the parents and caregivers regularly, and utilize surveys to measure against our impact goals.

Karine Dubois

This looks like being a relevant solution to the goal, with a good personable story about the importance of the mission. Great program overall and beautiful mission and ambition.

- As I understand, you are now 5 years in business (maybe add this data to the relevant section as it could as well be read as months), so you should be able to demonstrate success stories and provide tangible results on the efficiency of the method: how much faster skills are acquired, what different skills are reached compared with more traditional methods, how many learning hours average / individuals, is your solution better adapted to an age range, etc. Apart from the advantage of being more accessible to the public, the assessors of the program will want to see clear evidence that the concept works.
- The fact that you work with psychologists and other professionals only appears towards the end of the application. As an effort to convince, you should consider placing this info earlier in the text, explaining how you work with them to make sure your application develops as intended. Some testimony of those professionals about the results obtained and how they differentiate from other methods would also help here.
- On the scalability topic, it would be helpful to explain further the types of partnerships requires, why, how fast and where, as well as potential impact on your financials. Working with insurance groups in the US is a smart option, however they are already offering programs intended to provide support to parents with special needs children, which may affect your pricing model - this should also be part of your risk assessment since any type of partnership will have this effect, while you state a for profit ambition. Similarly, there is very little said about your marketing plans for B2C, i.e. how you intend to be in front scene for the international public or to the medical sector and increase utilization.
- Additionally, you will have to add something with regards to the way you work with data privacy. You seem to gather a lot of private information, such as name, age, type of condition, facial and speech recognitions. This raised a big red flag for me during the reading of your case, and as it becomes an increasingly important concern both from legal perspective but also individual perspective, the jury will have to be very clear on your risk assessment here as well as mitigation action.

Hope these comments will help. Best of luck for your project!

Philippe Tisserand

In response to What are your impact goals for the next year and the next five years, and -- importantly -- how will you achieve them?

How do you define the impact goals regarding the ASD kids who use your app ? What are your metrics ? And how do you measure the outcomes, knowledge and skills acquired thanks to the app ?

CG CG Christelle Goguet

General feeling when reading through your proposition is that it is a really great app with a great goal.
The alignment regarding the criterias is relevant and you are well positioned on your market and apparently growing.

I would like to highlight some points :

I would suggest you :
- to give more explicitly some of your key scientific references from therapists, doctors, experts of the field work in order to increase the credibility of the solution.
- to indicate (if available) the feedback you may have received from the parents or your customers on the progress of their children suffering from these disorders.
- to indicate the feedback you may have received from the professional of the field. Are they using this app to support their activity with children? Are they potential partners ?
- to explain how you develop further your technologies, your market to reinforce your position in 1year, in 5 years from now.
- to detail more your business model and forecast (apps users)

The position of competition or alternative solutions existing should be more detailed. I understood that you may be the first in this market. Is it the case ?
How do you differentiate from other platform who are not addressing your market but delivering similar solution in education ( basic learning app fo young children, foreign language learning app as examples) . Are they potential competitors ? or partners ?

Sercan Değirmenci

Christelle, thank you so much for your feedback and questions. Since the questions had character limits, we may have missed out on adding some of suggestions. Here are some: In addition to our collaborative efforts with professionals like Speech Therapists and Child Psychologists, we did in fact receive a scientific reviews and evaluation from HundrED (https://hundred.org/en/innovations/otsimo#79825a99) and Education Alliance Finland, for both Otsimo Speech Therapy (https://hundred.org/en/innovations/otsimo#79825a99) and Otsimo Special Education (https://hundred.org/en/innovations/otsimo#79825a99) HundrED.Org is a not-for-profit organization seeking to find and share innovations in education sphere and employs and The Education Alliance Finland consists of a professional team and this Finnish certificate offers an academically sound approach to demonstrate product's impact.

Another point in your suggestions was adding feedback from the parents and caregivers utilizing the app for their child. Here is a video (https://hundred.org/en/innovations/otsimo#79825a99) of testimonials from our users.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions to help us improve our application!

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