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Our tagline:

DIGITAP is an intelligent water Automated Treatment Machine(ATM) that eradicates water borne diseases by providing hygienic water supply to Communities 

Our pitch:


Over 1 billion people globally do not have access to clean,safe drinking water;a large population of that figure is located in Developing Countries

Millions of women and children spend several  hours each day collecting water from distant and polluted sources,the time it takes to walk the average 3.7 miles for clean water is time not spent working at an income­-generating job,caring for family members,or attending school.

At any given time,half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from diseases associated with lack of access to clean water;sadly 3.4 million people die each year from scarce and contaminated water sources



Our Solution is DIGITAPS :an intelligent water Automated Treatment Machine(ATM) that solves some of the major water borne diseases by of providing clean and sustainable water supply in the developing countries.

Its a Turnkey System that is portable and powered by Solar.The System takes in water from any source and using an ultra filtration technique if purity the water and makes available healthy for Consumption

DIGITAP is a single product that combines four elements essential to smarter water management

Filtration:Where unhygienic water is purified for consumption

-Digitap Dispenser-An Automatic and Digital way for clients to fetch water

Biometrics/ Smart cards -Where water credits are store and user use it to access clean water

Water Management System-where data from transactions and operations are processed and published remotely.


Digitap Changing the World:

There are no examples of communities that have eliminated poverty without first solving their scarce and contaminated water issues.

DIGITAP will be a leading piece of technology in the fight against poverty through water filtration and purification.

1. Create Economic Independence:Communities and individuals with water can now grow healthier crops,go to school,and become industrious,saving time for themselves that was once spent fetching water from great distances. 

2. Improve Health : A clean water treatment machine is superior to an open water source because it prevents a breeding ground for mosquitoes and eliminates malaria. Plus,gastrointestinal diseases from open water sources can be reduced to nearly zero.

3. In the face of a natural disaster,the difference between life and death is immediate access to clean water.The Digitap can be quickly create or rebuild destroyed water points.

4. Increases School Attendance Girls are able to attend school and receive a proper education when they are no longer obligated to fetch water during the day. When water is available,these same girls can stay clean during their menstrual cycles and not be forced to miss school.

6. Creates Sustainable Jobs The low cost and robust nature of the DIGITAPS allows entrepreneurs to create a viable Vendor business that was nearly impossible with other an Automated Dispensing System. It can be owned, managed, and maintained by local entrepreneurs.

By creating access to clean water to literally millions of people,we can enable prosperity to take hold.Water makes every other humanitarian project better. In most developing regions,there is not a lack of water,just a lack of access. 

Where our solution team is headquartered or located:

Kaduna, Nigeria

The dimensions of the Challenge our solution addresses:

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Using Tech to Provide clean and sustainable water supply

About Your Solution

What makes our solution innovative:

Digitaps , does not only Filter water , but it also financially  empower the community by providing digitalizing the dispensing process. It also provides water data remotely to health centres 

DIGITAP is a single product that combines four elements essential to smarter water management

Filtration:Where unhygienic water is purified for consumption

-Digitap Dispenser-An Automatic and Digital way for clients to fetch water

Biometrics/ Smart cards -Where water credits are store and user use it to access clean water

- Smart water management

where data from transactions and operations are processed and published remotely.

How technology is integral to our solution:

The System Uses A Solar Powered device to Inject water into the System for filtration, there are Sensors in the Machine that detects major water diseases, any newly detected virus or bacteria, is prompted by the system and its being reported electronically to the Health centres

Users are enrolled using their  biometric our issued Smart cards to  access water clean water. Users can Topup water credit via Mobile money (USSD) or any other electronic means 

Our solution goals over the next 12 months:

Install at least 10,000 units of our Machine Across Africa

Eradicate Water borne Diseases where our Machine is Installed

Reduce mortality rates associated with water borne diseases

Improve the economic well being of users of the Machine

Our vision over the next three to five years to grow and scale our solution to affect the lives of more people:

With Over 1 Billion people with no access to clean water, Digitap seeks to provide clean and portable water to at least 500million in the next 5 years 

The key characteristics of the populations who will benefit from our solution in the next 12 months:

  • Child
  • Male
  • Female
  • Rural
  • Suburban

The regions where we will be operating in the next 12 months:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Latin America and the Caribbean

How we will reach and retain our customers or beneficiaries:

The Complete System can be Deployed within 6 Hours and has an Install capacity of 10000 Litres of Water at every given time. Our targets are communities that do not have access to clean water and a high prevalence to water borne diseases 

How many people we are currently serving with our solution:

Our Product is still in the Pilot Stage, it will be first deployed to a Community on the 28th of August,2018

How many people we will be serving with our solution in the 12 months and the next 3 years:

Within 12 months we seek to have installed 1000 units in various communities, at least over 5m people will benefit from our product

About Your Team

How our solution team is organized:


How many people work on our solution team:


How many years we have been working on our solution:

Less than 1 year

The skills our solution team has that will enable us to attract the different resources needed to succeed and make an impact:

Victor Jibro (CEO): A graduate of Accounting with 10 years business experience, 6 of which was in Consumer and retail credit. Has Experience in sales an Marketing. A Good Team Player.

ISaac Umoh (CTO)- An Electronic Engineering Undergrad, with 3 years Experience in Embedded System development

Segun Ade - (Designs) - An Electronic Engineering Undergrad with 3 years Experience in Engineering designs and modelling 

Our revenue model:

1. We Outrightly Sale the Complete Device and the communities decide how they make revenue from it. However annual maintenance is done and fees paid

2. We charge a loading fee on every transaction

Partnership Potential

Why we are applying to Solve:

We Believe Solve can advance our work , with your large network. The exposure that we will get from the companies that are partnering will solve, will give us a push in making a global product that will be appreciated 

The key barriers for our solution:

The Major barrier we are facing is the cost of the materials needed to Produce this device, 90% of the parts are imported and the cost the importation is High which in the long run may affect our pricing.

Funding will assist us to ramp up production there by reducing cost on each machine production

The types of connections and partnerships we would be most interested in if we became Solvers:

  • Organizational Mentorship
  • Technology Mentorship
  • Impact Measurement Validation and Support
  • Grant Funding
  • Debt/Equity Funding

Solution Team

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