JC JC james clark

https://www.quickpay-portalinfo.com/ is a service that is used in order to pay medical bills through online and it is powered by Athena Health. Athena Health is a company that provides cloud based health care services in United States.

MO MO Moses Omache

Its has been the best in east Africa society especially in maternal health care

Rob Beyer

I have been tracking the evolution of clinicPesa and have been impressed with the innovative approach they are taking.

Eng. Chrispinus Onyancha

Hi Rob,

We very much appreciate your continued support.

Thank you.

Wendy Wang

Do you have a visual (video) demonstrating how users can interact with the mobile platform? That might be helpful for the judges in reviewing your solution.

Eng. Chrispinus Onyancha

Hi Wendy,

I would like to share with you the Video demonstrating usage on smart Mobile. https://youtu.be/rDSeUGRDCYc />

We have other channels like Web, USSD but thought its appropriate to do the smart phone version.

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