Iyah Romm

In response to Our revenue model:

This describes your market entry path, but not your revenue model. How pays? How much? How (cash, insurers, government, other?)? What's unit pricing/approximate margin?

Iyah Romm

In response to How technology is integral to our solution:

I'd like to understand a good bit more specific detail on what exactly the tooling is built off of. This feels like a laundry list of tech but without clarity on exactly what you've built, what you still need to build, and whether/how your prototype is scalable. You describe user testing and that you've been in field, but then Milestone 1 is completing dev., so am also confused.

Wendy Wang

Suggestions for revision:

Since your solution has been implemented to some degree in the past (with 100 people testing the protoype), you should provide greater details regarding the impact of your solution. Are there specific, measurable indicators you collected to evaluate this impact, that you can share?

In the Partnership Potential section, try to provide specific, concrete details regarding how Solve can advance your project and help you overcome key barriers, if your team is chosen.

Michael Lenihan

In response to Our pitch:

This sounds like a really promising and exciting technology! Thinking about the "frontlines" theme here, maybe it would be possible to run a concurrent pilot program in the field through MSF or another NGO to see if user needs are different in remote areas versus urban areas. Perhaps there are design solutions that can address both needs in a single version/model of the glasses. Good luck with this!

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