2020 Health Security & Pandemics


Moskeet (TrakitNow, Inc)

Real-time, integrated vector and disease management platform for prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases

Team Lead

Satish Cherukumalli

JC JC Jonathan Courtice

Very nice information to share us great work sir I appreciate

BK BK Babu Kakani

In response to Our Solution

Great work

TD TD Terry DeBriere

I would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of the Florida Medical Entomology Lab. Dr. Nathan Burkett-Cadena, Dr. Barry Alto, Dr. Dongmin Kim, Ms. Tanise Stenn and (soon to be Dr.) Diana Rojas Araya have all donated their time and contributed their ideas to help bring this project to fruition. The results to date have been exciting and we are all looking forward to finish the next phase which includes real time virus detection with the help of Dr. Steven Benner's team at Firebird Biomolecular Sciences. Thank you all! It really is great working with all of you!

DE DE Dr Sukanya Emani

In response to Our Solution

Can we see a world without mosquito borne diseases?

RD RD Ramanendra Duremanthi

Solution will be a great asset to the mankind. Especially with every 2 minutes, a child dies of malaria. And each year, more than 200 million new malaria cases are reported*.
* Source- WHO

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