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A chatbot empowering Pakistani girls to better understand menstruation

Team Lead

Saba Khalid

Miss Jaya Rajwani

In response to Who are you serving?

Thanks for your comment. We edited and shared more about our user and linked it to the challenge. Please let us know if we can provide more details.

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In response to If you would like to apply for the AI Innovations Prize, describe how you and your team will utilize the prize to advance your solution. If you are not already using AI in your solution, explain why it is necessary for your solution to be successful and how you plan to incorporate it.

Your solution looks like it might be eligible for the Innovation for Women Prize and possibly the UN Women She Innovates Prize for Gender-Responsive Innovation. If you haven't already, check out the eligibility requirements for both prizes and consider applying.

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In response to Who are you serving?

Can you explain further how your solution is particularly useful for urban residents? Make sure the judges reading your application will clearly understand how your project aligns with the Healthy Cities Challenge.

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