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You mention that most of the coordination and decision making will occur offline. Who will you/your team be coordinating once the data is analyzed for the "Hot List" locations? Is this product going to be for local govts alone? Have you thought of if and how will you involve the communities in these Hot List locations to make decisions, and lead and coordinate the revitalization efforts?

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In terms of vacant lots or homes (i.e. "zombie" homes), is there potential to work in coordination with local housing programs that are also focused on revitalizing vacant properties due to the foreclosure crisis?

Dr. Jonathan Jay

Great point. One example of these stakeholders would be community land banks in cities with a large proportion of city-owned properties. Another example would be the growing number of hospitals/health systems taking bundled Medicaid payments and investing in housing as a health intervention. One benefit of Shape-Up would be to create energy around conducting these interventions in locations chosen strategically to reduce gun violence.

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Is there consideration for how "beautification" projects can lead to gentrification that pushes out the community it was initially met to serve? Will there be a system to communicate with local gov't to ensure that systems are put in place to avoid that kind of pattern?

Dr. Jonathan Jay

In many settings where physical deterioration and gun violence are the worst, gentrification is not considered an urgent concern, since demand is relatively low compared to supply. In other places, gentrification is a major concern. However, Shape-Up is driven by resident reports of problem, indicating clearly that a response is desired; more importantly, Shape-Up gives community members a central role in crafting the solutions to physical deterioration, ensuring that these solutions are focused on the immediate interests of residents, instead of reshaping neighborhoods to make them more attractive to outsiders.

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Did the study list some examples of the most common physical improvements needed? What are some improvements that the artificial intelligence aspect of Shape-Up would be looking for in particular? Or would it only be if residents have requested these fixes?

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