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Implementing Solutions

The Horizon Prize: 2021

How can technology help people with rare diseases get the right care faster and more accurately?

Submissions are Closed

Judging Criteria

Solutions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Alignment: Solution uses data, digital tools and/or analytics to identify rare diseases, promote collaboration and community response to rare diseases, or strengthen collaboration capabilities between patients, providers, and scientists.

Potential for Impact: Solution has a reasonable and measurable plan to impact the lives of patients, healthcare providers, researchers, or community members impacted by or working with rare diseases.

Feasibility: Solution implementation is feasible, and the team has a reasonable plan for operational sustainability and measurable results that can be proven to work.

Innovative Approach: Solution includes a new technology or a new application of technology; a business/policy model, process, or cross-sectorial approach that relies on technology to be successful.

Scalability: Solution can be equitably scaled to improve the lives of more people, across geographical, sociocultural, or sectorial borders.

Inclusive Human-Centered Design: Solution is designed with and for underserved communities; the solution team demonstrates proximity to the community, and embodies and addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion through their solution.

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