Kathleen Kelso

The individualized experience with this solution via such a detailed needs-assessment is fascinating. At Paper Airplanes, we are working hard to create opportunities for students to curate their learning pathways and connect them with opportunities for work and further study. I would love to learn more about how you plan to scale the model without losing the support for users receiving tailored resources and pathways forward.

MA MA Miss Mary Adhiambo

In response to Pitch your solution.

l recall the sad realities of the refugees at Kakuma, Kenya. Others are made to discontinue their education as they return to their home countries, how does your program ensure there is continuity?

Lina Zdruli

Thank you for pointing that problem out! Our solution is entirely mobile-based, so it is meant to fill the gap of location-based training and works across country borders. We are working on addressing the issue of lack of internet access in rural, camp and transit situations, monitoring programs such as Disaster Tech Lab and Vodafone Foundation's initiatives.

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