Learning for Girls & Women


Girls-4-Girls (Kytabu)

A virtual classroom for Kenyan girls that also serves as a digital platform for peer-to-peer mentorship and collaboration.

Team Lead

Tonee Ndungu

Mr. Joseph Ayonga

Awesome job

Mr. Tonee Ndungu

Hi Mary,

We have a school management system we provide to schools that supports online learning and incorporates a learning management system supporting mobile phone learning. Currently, with more than 500 schools on the system, reaching girls has not been a challenge and we hope to reach more now that Kenyan schools will resume in 2021 (6 months from now) because of COVID.

MA MA Miss Mary Adhiambo

In response to What specific problem are you solving?

How do you reach out to those in schools, which is an opportune moment for girl future?

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