EL EL Eric Lee

Great product for a great cause!

EH EH Ellie Han

아이디어가 참신하고 좋은 것 같아요. 실현 가능성도 높고, 실현 했을때 새로운 가치 창출이 가능할 것 같아요! 아이디어 가능성 모든게 좋아보여서 투표하고 갑니다:)

YQ Ang

감사합니다 ! (: Hope to see you soon !

LX LX Low Xue Ling Genevieve

The kids will have so much fun pulling magic out of a box! It’s fantastic, feasible and fun.

YQ Ang

Thank you (: We certainly hope so

SZ SZ Shimeng Zhao

In response to Project Summary


YQ Ang

非常感谢你的支持 (:

kloe ng


ZL ZL Zheng Rong Loo

A new concept that is handy and meaningful. Nice modular design that is compact yet able to bring out educational materials. Thinking out of the box to help the needy. ??

YQ Ang

Thank you (:

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