Oceti Sakowin Solve Fellowship


Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

Bringing energy independence to tribal camps and communities

Team Lead

Henry Red Cloud

MR MR Minton Riddick

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JD JD John Dale

In response to The key barriers for our project:

End with something like this:

Thanksgiving should encourage cooperation among Natives and Non-Natives to provide for mutual survival and prosperity. We have clear evidence that the fossil fuel industry has lost the path for Mother Earth's great societies. Big oil has lost the spirit of Thanksgiving. With your help, we can do a great deal to recapture the hill, become energy independent, and to create something for which we can all be thankful.

JD JD John Dale

In response to Why we are applying to Solve:

Something like:

Many Americans seek positive ways to make a difference in the lives of tribal members without feeling persecuted by their peers. By employing the language and techniques of the main stream American culture – markets, entrepreneurship – we will bridge the emotional and cultural gap created by the historical abuse of native americans by mostly anglo-european settlers. We seek to solve this rift between cultures by offering a viable solution to the global energy crisis, which does not discriminate. By providing leadership to move forward in the spirit of cooperation as citizens of our amazing planet – Mother Earth – we will continue to provide model leadership. We will continue to garner respect and credibility for making the hard decisions and for showing how to do the difficult things.

The relationship between Natives and non-Natives was considerably altered through the Oceti Sakowin water protection movement. Both groups had the opportunity to work together in common cause, ignoring a vivid and violent history between races and cultures.

Non-Natives want to work with Native people to protect our natural living environment, most notably the water quality, and I am eager to share the evidence of this with your SOLVE attendees.

JD JD John Dale

In response to The cities where we operate or plan to operate in the next 12 months. First city:

I am in Spearfish. Please let me know how I can help.

JD JD John Dale

In response to How our project will be accessible and affordable to our community:

Something to the effect of: We would like to establish the tribes as experts in the solar and alternative energy industries to create a cottage industry for services and sales of equipment and products relating to alternative energy. We will consult with other agencies, municipalities, and corporate entities to guide them in the rollout of their own alternative energy design economies, creating opportunity for native peoples to reap the rewards of undertaking such a risky and difficult proposition; putting an end to global dependence on fossil fuels.

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