Refugee Education

SNHU Global Education Movement

Developing a global higher education model for youths affected by displacement

Team Lead

Chrystina Russell

JP JP Joesph Pfeffer

Making sure you have a balance you can sustain to completion is more important than being unable to maintain it and giving up. If you're only keeping the extra job for the holidays going back to full time in the winter won't cost you too much time

EM EM Eleanor Morgan

Education is the greatest ignored tough answer to the worldwide immigrant disaster. By providing high-quality tertiary education, we are knowing the activity, originality, and competences of immigrant youth and their possible to contribute to political, community and financial solutions for themselves. Read More:

BH BH Ben Harriet

The online education system now provides a great way to learn fast and very easy process to take a degree in online. Students can easily avail that facility to enroll in it and grow with new courses and technologies. When students completed their graduation program, they simply got a work in a well-reputed company.

JC JC Dr. John Cox

Excellent proposal by SNHU trying to reach a population of students with enormous potential within our global community. The SNHU scalability and competency-based education approach are strong assets to ensure success from the start. There are community colleges that also want to help with refugee education and ensure the Global University's success.

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