Sustainable Food Systems



A novel seaweed feed supplement that solves climate change by reducing livestock methane emissions by over 90 percent

Team Lead

Alexia Akbay

MF MF Muhammad Jusuf Faturrahman

This is the future!

KR KR Kolo Rath

90% reduction in methane production sounds pretty darn nifty! What a wonderful, forward-looking project.

AL AL Al Lombardo

In response to One-line solution summary:

This is amazing!

LaKisha Odom

In response to Which dimension of the Challenge does your solution most closely address?

This solutions clearly addresses the ability to reach scale and also addresses consumer buy in for "methane-neutral" milk

LaKisha Odom

In response to Describe what makes your solution innovative.

There appear to be a number of other groups working in this space, however, this applicant appears to have developed system for large scale development which would distinguish this proposed project from competitors.

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