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Tools for West African STEM teachers to provide hands-on learning experiences

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Heather Beem

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A User

A major piece of this originates from the educator's character. A cheerful, energetic educator is an instructor kids need to gain from. The other portion of this stems from the exercises shown at https://www.courseworkonline.co.uk , exercises, and encounters we give in our homerooms. They should connect with, visual, imaginative, and hands-on.

Peter Hubbard

Hi Heather,
I'm a retired teacher in Seattle who, over the years, raised over $20,000 to help build schools in Sierra Leone through a non-profit here in Seattle, Schools for Salone, https://schoolsforsalone.org/. /> The director, Cindy Nofziger, was always talking to me about the need to upgrade educational delivery and I really love how your STEM project is attempting to do that.
Good luck and perhaps we can keep in touch.
Peter Hubbard

Heather Beem

Hi Peter, I would love to chat! I'll send you an email.

Heather Beem

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I've written out some more detail here. Hope that helps!


In response to Our revenue model:

Can you explain a bit more about how the payment system works?

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