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STEM education presents greater opportunities for personal and socioeconomic development. It is also bring quality practical science education to the masses are woefully lacking, thereby leading to a lack of science experience beyond the blackboard for many students. This can be best opportunity for students who are getting finance assignment help - http://www.qualityassignment.co.uk/finance-assignment-help/ to complete their assignments professionally from assignment writers from Quality Assignment, so it would be great to share it with them.

Pete Ward

This looks awesome - Out of interest, what exactly does the set contain? I tried to find a list on your website but couldn't find it. Depending on the c contents there could be some interesting partnerships with products/orgs like Raspberry Pi

Mr. Charles Ofori Antipem

In response to What makes our solution innovative:

This video contains a practical demonstration of the science set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAZWw75P9AQ

Kelsey Cathcart

In response to What makes our solution innovative:

Can you explain a bit more how Science Set will help to support teachers and educators, not just students? Make sure the judges reading your application will clearly understand how your project aligns with the Challenge’s specific focus for 2018.

Additionally, consider providing more details on what Science Set looks like and how it works. Visuals may help, as images of the lab kits are a minute or two into the video you included. It might help the judges more quickly review and understand your solution.

Mr. Charles Ofori Antipem

Thanks for your comment.
Generally, teachers are required to demonstrate their lessons to students. However, they don't have the tools for that. The science set therefore is one of the key tools for demonstration. Currently, some schools have in cooperated the set as part of practical exams for the students, giving the teachers an opportunity to examine there their students effectively.

It is also providing a good platform for the training of science teachers in teacher training colleges. The addition of the set to the teaching and learning of science is setting and providing teachers with the needed practical foundation needed for their job. Thus beyond making them more effective STEM teachers, it boost their confidence in teaching these subjects.

With hope to integrate the science set (hardware) with a software component (app) which will help us in directly interacting with various teachers who use the set. This app will offer us the opportunity to not only to monitor and track the sets usage, it will also provide us with the needed data on how the science set is practically impacting students.

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