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Priya Lakhani

akram alsharabi alsharabi

Dear priya lakhani,and your team
I hope you good hielth
I am Akram Al-Sharabi from Yemen,
happy to be with you and to benefit from your solutions. We are working to combat racial discrimination against marginalized blacks in Yemen. They suffer from deprivation of their most basic rights, including education, as any person from this category loves to learn, but he faces many problems, bullying and the inferiority of many students Of the children of this category, they left education

SM SM Stanley Mastin
Kelsey Cathcart

In response to Our pitch:

I see you haven’t submitted a video, do you have some assets that you can share? It might help the judges review and understand your solution.

Kelsey Cathcart

Your solution looks like it might be eligible for the GM Prize for Advanced Technologies & the Artificial Intelligence for the Betterment of Humanity Prize. If you haven't already, check out the eligibility requirements and consider applying to either or both.

Additionally, remember to complete as many sections of the application as you can! The deadline for revisions is July 20, at 5pm.

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