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TS TS Tom Stark

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Can you explain a bit more about how the Moringa School will help to support teachers and educators, not just students? This will help to align your application with the Challenge's target demographic: teachers and educators.

Audrey Cheng

Hi Eliza! Thanks so much for your feedback. I'd love some further advice if you're willing to offer it. I'm wondering if our solution might be a better fit for the Work of the Future category. Moringa supports teachers in a few different ways- first, we are hoping to bring the blended learning model, where courses are online but students complete them in the classroom with a teacher's guidance, into the mainstream. This would change the way teachers teach on a wide scale, helping them become more effective and efficient. For the secondary schools that use our curriculum, students lead the courses- giving them teaching experience- and teachers facilitate them, exposing them to this model as well as technical concepts. Additionally, we directly support teachers in that we often hire our former students to lead our courses.

Considering this, I'd really appreciate your opinion- do you think Moringa School would be a better fit for Teachers and Educators, or Work of the Future?

Thank you!


Hi Audrey - thanks for your response and for providing additional details. I've emailed your team member, Rachel, a response. Thanks!



In response to Our pitch:

Consider providing more specific details on how your education to employment model works. It might help the judges to understand your solution as they review.

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