JP JP Jack Ponting

Thanks for exploring here that it is essential to make methodical learning a fun, eye-catching and available experience, in which under the premise that one and all has the ability to explore and enjoy learning how the world around us works.


AP AP Alyssa Patterson

Fabulous post which discuss about basic information children who are currently attending primary education will face great global challenges in their life time such as global warming, and climate change.


EB EB Emily Brown

Superb website. This website contains many useful information. This is such a remarkable post. Looking forward for more informative post.
Emily Brown,

Mrs. Dina Buchbinder

Dear Peter, thanks so much for your comment. We would love to learn about your experience and connect through you with school communities you mention to team up. I will write you an email now! Kind regards.

Peter Hubbard

Hi Dina,
I love how you are combining science and civics to mobilize school communities to work on solving world problems. I'm a retired teacher in Seattle and would be interested in possibly helping to connect school communities here with your work in Mexico.
Peter Hubbard

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