Jayasree K. Iyer

In response to Describe the core technology and/or underlying data that powers your solution.

This does not give me visibility or knowledge from the team on how the technology works. Where does the data come from? How is it being used and analyzed?

Dr Chibuzo Opara

Thank you Iyer for your question. Happy to answer your questions.

*Where does the data come from?*

We collect, capture and store more than 40 data points from our Central Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, DrugStoc Customer App, DrugStoc Sales Rep App, Access to suppliers inventory management systems, Market Insights team etc into a centralized Data warehouse using Amazon AWS Redshift.

This annotated dataset includes but not limited to Drug usage, top-selling products, credit history, common disease conditions per location, location tracking from our logistics network, an unusual spike in usage of drugs, geolocation of major healthcare providers, sales volume etc

*How the technology works and data is analyzed*

With Amazon Redshift, we query and combine exabytes of structured and semi-structured data across our data warehouse, operational database, and data lake using our standard SQL. Redshift lets us easily save the results of your queries back to your S3 data lake using open formats, like Apache Parquet.

Then we use Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) to help make sense of this data by delivering insights to enable us to make fast, informed decisions. This allows us to perform ad-hoc query analysis, visualize data, and create user-friendly dashboards.

*How is it being used *

- Improve demand prediction for our clients (Partner pharmacies, Hospitals, NGOs, Government institutions etc)
- Predict disease prevalence per location due to an unusual spike in demand for certain medications in a specific area where our customer's facility is located.
- Speed to market of some certain medical products E.g Vaccines
- Market access of medication to last-mile patients
- Reduce pricing using metadata to negotiate with manufacturers
- For the demand side, we also use the data analyzed for inventory and stock planning
- Targeting certain patient groups
- Insights to Providing access to rare medications and expensive SKUs that specialists normally do not have access to at Zero stock cost implication to them.

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