Hasin Ahmed

Hey Shariat,

Thanks for sharing this solution. I can envision your company making a huge impact on the lives of millions of Bangladeshis.

How have been able to successfully recruit Nannys, Attendants, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Speech and Occupational Therapists on to the Amar Astha platform? Do they have to go through a training session with your team?

Keep up the great work :)


Md. Shariat Rahman

Hi Hasin,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation. We hire caregivers as freelancers and they work under our direct supervision. They get an extensive training although nurses and therapists already get training from their education institutes.

SS SS Shafia Shama

In response to Pitch us on your solution

How did your company covers SDGs 2,4,6 and 10 goals?

Md. Shariat Rahman

Thanks a lot for correcting us. it was a mistake.

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